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The biographies I write generally range in between four and six paragraphs of two sentences each.  I can pull information from a resume, LinkedIn profile, or client interview. For those who are just getting started, I have a standard form that I send to get people thinking about the type of information they would like to include.  To request a copy, visit my Contact page.

Did you know?  Profiles and biographies can be an effective means of connecting with your clients.  For that reason the profiles I write typically include specific, personal information about a variety of topics, from professional highlights to areas of residence, hobbies and volunteer work.


I can help you write a professional letter of introduction to your sphere of influence, help you market yourself to absentee owners, or elucidate on the various advantages of home ownership compared to renting.  For questions about the topics I cover, please contact me.


When it comes to the marketing of a coastal estate or luxury home, a high-caliber property description is essential.  Many of my clients are great writers but don't have time to sit down in front of a computer.  With something so important to your sellers, why take a risk?  

My services are extremely reasonable, I will work with you to ensure the description conforms to your unique requirements for space/characters, do outside research as necessary, and provide up to three edits for completed work.


I am proficient with developing many different forms of web content, from informational posts detailing the neighborhoods you serve, to useful guides describing a new product or service, to everything in between. 


The press releases that I provide generally range in between 250 and 350 words, or approximately five to six paragraphs with two sentences each. I can pull information from a variety of sources, whether it’s from bullet points in an email, the company website, or a client interview.

Press releases are extremely versatile, since they can be printed in traditional media outlets, released on industry websites, posted on the website for your business, and promoted on social media.


Need an article describing a subject of interest to your business?  I have years of experience writing in the first person for individual business owners. Whether it's an informational piece showcasing a new product or an analysis of current events, I've got you covered.

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