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Thank you for visiting my website.  I am a freelance writer with experience developing a variety of marketing collateral, creative work, travelogues and nonfiction articles.  Please have a look around to view samples, information about my services, and testimonials from satisfied clients.  If you have questions, please call, text or fill out the contact form and I will provide you with a quick response. Thanks!  Fritts Causby
Fritts Causby freelance writer


My goal is to provide my clients with copy that is concise and compelling.  With over 15 years of experience as a real estate writer, the property descriptions I write are logically organized and use complete sentences. Clients who choose to work with me can rest easy knowing they will receive: 

>   up to three edits for completed work, 

​>   fast turn-arounds, and

​>   copy that complies with Fair Housing and MLS guidelines. 

Some stories have to be told.  When it's time to raise awareness about a charity event, promote a unique property, or make an important announcement, people often ask me for help putting their best foot forward.  I will work tirelessly with you to ensure all key points are met and tailor the content I provide to your individual needs.

Fritts Causby press release writer
Fritts Causby real estate property descriptions
Fritts Causby Bio Writing Service


Everyone has a different story.  As a Bio writing service, I help my clients develop about pages and profiles that are clear and professional.  The old adage that "People want to work with people they know" has never lost its relevancy.  A biography can be an effective means of introduction for you.  In a situation where a client or stakeholder is trying to make a decision, a professional Bio can be a difference-maker. 

Recognizing that my clients are extremely busy professionals, I go the extra mile to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter. Although I have mainly been a copy writer specializing in real estate, I have worked in a variety of other industries. This has included conducting client interviews, researching company materials, and more.  To get started, contact me today.

As a licensed Realtor in North Carolina, I am proficient with pulling information from a variety of sources, including virtual tours, bullet points in an email, features lists, and MLS data from the last sale.  With years of experience as a real estate writing service and a positive reputation, I'm known for making the process as easy as possible for my clients and conducting extensive research on each property.

My goal is to provide a customer service experience that is positive and highly personalized. When you click the contact link or call the number listed on this site, it will connect you to Fritts Causby freelance writer, not a chatbot, team member or intern. For information about how to get started, contact me today.

 press releases

Tell the world about your latest corporate event, charitable fundraiser, sales milestone, or iconic real estate listing. 

Professional Biographies/

Realtor profiles

Professional Biographies and Realtor Profiles are some of my most popular services. 

 website copy

From area-specific neighborhood copy to blog posts, about pages and everything in between, I've got you covered.

real estate property descriptions

Creating real estate property descriptions that comply with MLS and Fair Housing guidelines is my specialty.

A Little About Me

In addition to working as a freelance writer for over 15 years, producing marketing collateral for a variety of clients, as well as nonfiction articles, essays and travelogues, I am also:

  • Experienced in real estate corporate marketing, a

  • Licensed Realtor in North Carolina, and

  • Previously licensed in California.

The line between success and disaster can be minute.  Sometimes, just having a second set of eyes on a project can be a difference-maker.  Contact me and I will help you ensure the message you send to your clients is accurate and on-point. 

Editing Services


I'd love to hear from you!


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